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A policeman finds out that he had a twin brother who was killed in a violent altercation. He takes his twin brother's place, inheriting his problems and his girlfriend, determined to expose...

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original title: Maximum Risk

genge: Action,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Thriller


imdb: 5.6

duration: 1h 41min

tags: The Other Side of Safety.

budget: $25,000,000

keywords: fbi, twin, mafia, russianmafia, fbiagent, newyork, murder, france, ontherun, nicefrance, russiangangster, fire, explosion, funeral, nightclub, police, death, strangulation, policeofficerkilled, blood,


































Allain Moreau, a French soldier is called by his friend, a cop. He goes to see him who shows him the body of a man who looks like him. His papers say his name is Mikhail and that he's from New York. Allain talks to his mother who tells him that she had twins but was forced to give one up. Allain goes to see the lawyer who handled the adoption and when he goes there someone is there and they fight and there's a fire that destroy the records. Allain then decides to go to New York and find out why his brother was killed. He learns that Mikhail worked for the Russian mob. He meets Mikhail's girlfriend, Alex who thinks he's Mikhail. And when members of the mob see him thinking he's Mikhail try to kill him so he goes on the run with Alex. Later he runs into a couple of FBI agents who know he's not Mikhail and offer to help him but Allain doesn't trust them. In Niece, France, Mikhail Suverov, a former Russian gangster is chased by two corrupt FBI agents Pellman and Loomis and Mikhail is killed. French police officer Alain Moreau discovers Mikhail is his twin brother he never knew and was given up for adoption. Investigating Mikhail's murder, Alain travels to New York City and assumes Mikhail's identity, where he meets Mikhail's sexy girlfriend Alex Minetti and discovers Mikhail was working for the Russian mob and Mikhail's former boss, Ivan, isn't happy to see Mikhail. Risking everything to discover the truth, and pursued by Ivan, Agent Pellman and Agent Loomis, Alain discovers Mikhail quit the Russian mob and had evidence of the Russian Mob's criminal activities and the two corrupt FBI agent's involvement with the Russian Mob, and Alain sets out to infiltrate the Russian mob and the two corrupt FBI agents and protect Alex, as Alain sets out to avenge Mikhail. A deeply absorbing and merciless thriller as a somber and possibly very melancholy French detective (Jean-Claude Van Damme) who comes to New York City's Little Odessa suburb under his dead twin brother's identity and not only gets his brother's girlfriend (Natasha Henstridge). He also becomes involved in a sticky situation with some nasty Russian mobsters which includes his brother's ruthless and bitter rival (Zach Grenier) and a pair of crooked FBI agents.

What makes "Maximum Risk" so great and highly entertaining is that director Ringo Lam, who is a veteran of the Hong Kong action films like John Woo, never lets the characters become predictable. Also notable are the stunts and some of the car chases aren't only wild, it's clever, too. It's nice to see that Van Damme doesn't have to carry the film by himself and has a reliable international cast to back up. Van Damme gives, without a single doubt, his best performance here and that's not an understatement. It's the truth. Alain Moreau is a cop in France who cannot believe his eyes when a murder victim is the spitting image of him. He confronts his mother and learns that she had had twins but had to give one of them up. Wanting to solve the murder of his estranged twin, Alain follows a trail that leads him to a New York that is cold and full of snow and finds himself sucked into his brother's world where he finds himself with his brother's beautiful girlfriend all over him. However Alain also inherits his brother's problems some of which include Russian gangsters who want to kill him.

This film wastes no time in getting the plot established and flying Alain into his first fight as quickly as possible and I can understand why this was the case. The plot is thin to say the least and it is best not to apply too much logic to any of it because the whole thing is an excuse for Van Damme to just do the things in this film that he does in all his films. This includes speaking in a strange accent, being naked with a beautiful female co-star and kicking people in lots of exciting ways. All these boxes are ticked here and as such it does what you would expect from a Van Damme film and it will depend on the individual viewer whether or not that gets you interested or sees you running the opposite direction. For me it is somewhere in the middle because I accept the bad and in return veg out in front of a dumb action movie. The plot gets no better and every time it needs to add story to create more action you can almost see it straining with the effort.

The action is mostly pretty good although it was a bit disappointing to see how Ringo Lam had toned down the style for his first American film; only here and there did the film get close to the mayhem in the action that he is known for. Van Damme is quite good though, for course he is a clunky actor and here he seems to have had his charisma filtered out but in the action sequences he is a marvel